I am  very  passionate of the roles of families in the development of children.

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  Fruits are nutritionally rich and greatly needed for vitality. Nature blessed us with a whole lot of fruits such as mangoes, bananas, apples, pineapple

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To  favour one child over another probably because the child looks more like you or reminds you of a favourite relative, is academically sound, has

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Dr. Mrs. Uchechi Chukwuma

a Counsellor & blogger

: Hello
 I am Dr. Mrs. Uchechi Chukwuma, born and raised in a conservative  home but exposed to moderate and sometimes radical ideas at school. I am a trained linguist, educationist and guidance counsellor with many years of working with families and children.
Most especially, I am a wife and a mother who is very  passionate of the  intricacies of raising children.