A woman’s body is never the same after childbirth; not the same from a certain age, childbearing or not. One of the worst things any husband could do to his wife is to be repulsed by her body and make degrading remarks about her body or specific parts of her body. A man that was […]

Who is your friend

Your friend is someone who listens to you and truly understands you. Your friend  never talks about you behind your back or spreads rumours about you. Your friend does not manipulate, exploit  or act against you deliberately. Your friend is always protective of you. Your friend is never envious, jealous of you. Your friend is […]

Appreciation Strengthens Marriage.

Appreciating your spouse is an easy, modest, and exhilarating thing to do. Showing appreciation to each other is one of the secrets to a happy marriage; yet most married couples take it for granted. We fail to properly appreciate the things we do for one another. It can be easy to neglect to thank your […]


The feast of Saint Valentine, commonly known as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. It’s by the corner, the most lovey-dovey day of the year. It is a day of celebration indeed. However, there is need for us to explain to our children what Valentine’s Day is all about. They need to know that Valentine’s Day […]


It is quite easy for a man to sire a child. However, it takes a lot to be a father. Being a dad is a lifetime job. Fathers play roles in every child’s life that cannot be filled by others. The way a father treats his children influences what they (children) look for in other […]