My Perspective on “Beating a Child”

It is a fact that the oldest child in a family gets the worst of us as parents when it comes to disciplining children. This just hit me badly. Beating the first child comes naturally to many parents because we feel it is the right form of punishment and would serve as a deterrent to […]


To  favour one child over another probably because the child looks more like you or reminds you of a favourite relative, is academically sound, has an easy temperament or is very obedient is utterly outrageous and unacceptable. Parents need to understand that favouring one child over another (favouritism) is a costly affair. This should never […]


Children are precious gifts from God, male or female. Basic biology has shown us that we play little or no role regarding the sex of our children. With this knowledge, we ought to be way beyond the century when having baby girls were seen as disappointment. Unfortunately, having girl babies is still an issue among […]


Learning how to say ‘no’ when I really need to, without feeling insensitive, regretful, or overly worried that I might hurt or infuriate someone else was one of the most challenging things I had to learn.    I learnt that saying ‘no’ is not always negative. It could be as good or even better than […]

Who is your friend

Your friend is someone who listens to you and truly understands you. Your friend  never talks about you behind your back or spreads rumours about you. Your friend does not manipulate, exploit  or act against you deliberately. Your friend is always protective of you. Your friend is never envious, jealous of you. Your friend is […]


What parents can do. A school provides an atmosphere of learning. However, it comprises children of diverse backgrounds, different orientations and children from unstable homes . School environment being a facilitative place for learning could also expose susceptible children to multiple tensions, which could hinder progress or enhance resilience. Schools are supposedly not places where […]

Appreciation Strengthens Marriage.

Appreciating your spouse is an easy, modest, and exhilarating thing to do. Showing appreciation to each other is one of the secrets to a happy marriage; yet most married couples take it for granted. We fail to properly appreciate the things we do for one another. It can be easy to neglect to thank your […]

Irresponsible Dressing by Young Men

Let’s talk about dressing of our young men for a change. Indecent dressing is not peculiar to women alone.   Sagging of trousers by men, exposing their bum or boxers can be referred to as indecent and irresponsible. . Even if the boxers are made by Hugo or Calvin Klein, it remains an underwear and […]


It hurts a lot when someone is rude to you. It makes you wonder what it is about you that prompted such improper behaviour towards you. When hurt by someone else, calm down. Try to understand “why” the person was rude to you. It could be any of the following:   sadness incomprehension lack of […]


To speak falsely and maliciously of people is sheer wickedness. Damaging individual’s reputation and credibility for a purpose is murder in the third degree. Slandering of a person usually with the intention of destroying one’s confidence is ruinous.   We are all human but not all are humane. Some people take maximum pleasure in destroying […]