I am  very  passionate of the roles of families in the development of children.


I am  Dr. Mrs. Uchechi Chukwuma, born and raised in a conservative  home but exposed to moderate and sometimes radical ideas at school. I am a trained linquist, educationist and guidance counsellor with many years of working with families and children. Most especially, I am a wife and a mother who is very  passionate of the  intricacies of raising children.
I am committed to deploying my experiences, intellect, knowledge and training to ensuring improved family dynamics and relationships.  The aim of this blog is to address psychological, behavioral and emotional issues that cause family problems. I am also very  passionate of the roles of families in the development of children. I am committed to ensuring that children are appropriately conditioned to achieve their full potentials.
In life, children encounter many challenges and conflicting issues. Numerous youngsters are struggling with their feelings and anxieties. They are having difficulties with friends, family or school. They are anxious, depressed, angry or scared and need to talk to someone. However, they often find it difficult  to talk to any familiar adult in their lives. It is the responsibility of my team to help children and young adults deal positively with the moments that come their way, through personal counselling, school and community programmes. , Also, as counsellors we can help explore the problem(s), the symptoms and strategies for coping. 
Counselling and other guidance services can help troubled or anxious families and young people talk things through. We engage clients and support them without making them feel judged, and in confidence (unless they disclose that their personal safety is at risk). Guidance services can make a positive difference to the lives of families,  especially the children.
We  are dedicated to helping explore coping tools for troubled family members.  The  scope of  guidance services we can render to children and other family members include face-to-face counselling, one-to-one phone calls, webchat, email and face-to-face group sessions. Besides, various  activities are designed to enable families have remarkable experiences  that lead to an enhanced wellbeing and improved overall life satisfaction.